Swell Prep Bowl 4 pk, 10 oz

Salgspris499,00 kr


Prepare your meals for the day or week with this 4-pack of S’well Eats™ prep bowls that pair with (and nest neatly inside of) our S’well Eats™ food bowls. Simply prep, nest, go—and eat!

The S’well Eats Prep Bowl Set comes with four reusable bowls constructed of durable Tritan™.

Each prep bowl is BPA/BPS-free, see-through, stain- and leak-resistant, and comes with a pop-top lid.

Prep bowls are marked with convenient measurements to make meal prep easy. Designed for use with the S’well Eats™ food bowl, prep bowls can be used on their own to fulfill your everyday, reusable food-storage needs.

Fridge- and freezer-friendly, and is safe for the microwave and dishwasher.

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